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How deep can I pour my resin?
You can pour up to 3" deep in these forms. We recommend using either Ecopoxy or Super Clear brand Resin with these forms. 

My form isn't sitting flat. What do I do?
This is normal. Our moulds need to have flexibility so that your piece can pop out easily. 
Make sure you clamp it to your table. Once the clamps are removed after the Resin has cured, the flex in the form will make it easy to pop our your finished piece.

Is Release Agent Necessary?
Yes and No:
These molds are constructed from HMWPE (High Molecular Weigh Polyethylene) which is a smooth surface that high quality, slow curing resins won’t stick to. Once your epoxy/resin piece has cured, simply tap the sides and then the bottom to release your piece. To help prolong the lifespan of your mold we recommend this Mold Release. It is also best practice to use this Mold Release when using other brands of resin that we do not sell on our website.

How many times can I use these forms?
We have gotten 30+ uses out of one form so far with no issues and we are still continuing to test every week. 

What does lifetime warranty mean for your Empire Mold?
We offer a Lifetime Guarantee against any manufacturing defects that lead to cracks / leaks. These forms were designed, built and tested to withstand your resin projects allowing you to hit the form with a soft mallet and not have them break overtime.
Our warranty does not cover any defect caused by improper use of our moulds and the products used with them.
We recommend using Ecopoxy Flowcast or Super Clear Deep for these molds. We can not honour the warranty if you use table top/shallow pour epoxies. 


What Size Bit should I use / What depth 

We find pocketing the templates with an Amana Tool 45475-S 3/8 pocketing bit and using the Amana Tool 47222-s for all the edge details to be very efficient. If you are looking to make a hole with an 1/8" radius on the bottom we recommend this bit (link here). We use this bit in the example projects for our Valet TraySalt Cellar and Mancala Board online. We go to a depth of 1/4" when filing the area with Clear Fast Resin.

How do I attach the template to my piece?
Watch this video to see what we do when attaching our Letter Templates to our wood: Click HERE

My Template has scratches / chipped edges
These templates have a protective plastic on them. Once that is pealed off there should be no / minimal scratches on your template.
The edges should be smooth as they are laser cut. If there is any damage on your template after delivery has been made, please respond to your order confirmation with a photo of your template so we can get this issue sorted for you. 


When Will my Order Ship?
All online orders will ship within 2-4 business days. We are still a growing company and hope to one day have same-day shipping

Why hasn't my order arrived?
There may be various reasons why you haven't received your order yet.
- Packages shipping outside of Canada are subject to inspection at Customs which is out of our control. We do attach all the appropriate customs paperwork to make sure your package moves through customs as fast as possible.
- Sometimes local weather could affect shipping times.
- If you are ordering during one of our larger sales, orders may be processed up to 6 business days due to higher volumes.

    Will my Shipment have any additional charges when it arrives?
    Depending on your location, yes possibly. Taxes, Duties, and customs charges may be applied to your package as it arrives in the country of destination. This amount is not controlled by us, but since we properly declare the package, it may acquire an extra charge along the way. If the package is rejected upon delivery due to accumulated duties and taxes to your destination, you will not be eligible for a refund. 

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