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Sword Templates

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These laser cut clear acrylic Sword Templates are perfect for recreating these classic sword designs! 

We recommend using this Template Tape to attach our clear templates to wood.
We use this Router Bit for this template

1/4" Thick is perfect for using as a router glide or tracing.

They are reusable and are great for smaller shops!

Each sword template comes in 4 pieces and uses our dovetail locking system to keep the pieces together while routing. Best of all, they can be mix and matched to create 64 unique sword designs

A clear template allows for the perfect placement so you can include specific details in your board.

Sword #1 is 38.187" long by 10.5" wide
- Template Sku: 07-001
Sword #2 is 42.875" long by 14.75" wide
- Template Sku: 07-005
Sword #3 is 39.750" long by 11.25" wide
- Template Sku: 07-009
Sword #4 is 36" long by 9.875" wide
- Template Sku: 07-013


Customer Reviews

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Logan Prichard
High Quality Acrylic Sword Template

Excited to craft my large sword using these templates. The templates are well cut, thick, and show no sign of rough edges. Acrylic still comes with the protective layer on both sides allowing you to peel it off whenever you wish. The sword all together is long and looks realistic in size. Very well made and super excited to make some decorative wooden swords with it!