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Rectangle One Piece Resin Molds (Black Edition)

$85.00 CAD

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Empire Molds
Perfect for hobbyists and professionals.
We recommend using Ecopoxy FlowCast or Super Clear Liquid Glass for these molds. 


1 Reusable Mold

We recommend also ordering one of our Layout Templates. These templates are designed to assist in the layout process as well as the final trimming process.

Our one-piece thermal formed Molds are designed to last a lifetime. We have tested this design for months and have yet to crack a single mold.

No Welds.
No Cracks.
No Leaks.

Yes and No:
These molds are constructed from HMWPE (High Molecular Weigh Polyethylene) which is a smooth surface that high quality, slow curing resins won’t stick to. Once your epoxy/resin piece has cured, simply tap the sides and then the bottom to release your piece. To help prolong the lifespan of your mold we recommend this Mold Release. It is also best practice to use this Mold Release when using other brands of resin that we do not sell on our website.

The following Dimensions are inside dimensions:
19" by 4.5" by 2" deep
10" by 18" by 3" deep
14" by 18" by 3" deep
12" by 24" by 3" deep
18" by 36" by 3" deep
24" by 48" by 3" deep

Each form has 7 degree open side walls to allow for an easy release from the mold.

These molds are 1/8" thick which are sturdy but also flexible enough to remove the piece easily after it cures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Two Knotty Dogs Crafts
10x20" Rectangle Mold

Absolutely perfect for what we (Two Knotty Dogs Crafts) do. I was looking for something tough enough to withstand 3 pours a week over a long time. The material that was used in Empire Goods molds fulfills that wish. I will be purchasing in the future converting our line over to these molds offered by Empire Goods - Thank You Guys!

David K.

Very nice

Steve Eastwood

The person that built this mold gave it great insight to have the edges cambeered in to allow for movement well thought out I will be purchasing more the price is well worth it
I have been making my own for years but this is so much better a little insight for clamping was a simple thing
I will try to send a picture of the first project soon

Tessa Salter

Havent had a chance to use it yet but it looks awesome!

Adam Campbell
Great product

We tried this mold for the first time last week and it worked perfect. The pour popped out no problem and it cleaned up very nicely.